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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Library welcomes gifts and donations to support library collections and services that might otherwise not be available to students and faculty. Donations of both money and materials are greatly appreciated regardless of their size or value.

Contributions to the library benefit scholars and researchers at UW-Madison as well as Wisconsin businesses, hospitals, public service agencies, and citizens who depend on the great research collections of this flagship university. The UW-Madison Library ranks among the leading academic libraries in the world.

The quality, richness, and diversity of the libraries would not exist, and will not continue, without the continuing support of donors.

Some Initiatives Made Possible by Donors Recently

  • The information commons at Steenbock Library is a model for consolidation of service areas combining increased access to computers with more workspace for individuals and small groups.

  • A collaboration with UW Alumni resulted in a Web page for alumni that provides members with access to library resources, fee-based databases, and reference services.

  • The Honoring the Faculty program recognizes faculty promotions by purchasing and book plating a book with the faculty member’s name for the library collection.

  • A pilot program is in place to purchase additional copies of high-cost textbooks for large undergraduate enrollment classes to be placed on reserve in appropriate library locations.

Did you know?

  • The UW-Madison Library is ranked eleventh among North American libraries according to the Association of Research Libraries.

  • Memorial Library, the main library on campus, is Wisconsin's largest library.

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